I have received of you

So much than I deserve of you

You stepped into my life;

And the light of your presence unveils a vital part of me

That part of me I never thought existed for real

The pure and innocent me

The purified, cherished and lovable me

What more would I have asked for?

For you have opened my eyes to see how beautiful our world could look like together

Down in my lowest state

Lost in my loneliness shell

Driven into my own self-created dark world

Yet, you have brought me out of my cave, into your own place

A place where I now enjoy the aura of the fragrance of your sweetness 
The oil of your tender-heartedness towards me never cease to flow continuously

Dripping in the manner of an hot oil to sharpen my dull spirit

You came into my life with a balm to heal my wounded soul

In the palm of your hands is the feeling like the soft touch of the morning sun;

Rising upon the evergreen field
My heart leaps for joy at every thought of you 

Jumping in excitement of my dearly

You poured yourself carelessly on the undeserved me

Your warmth embrace calms my troubled soul

My desire has forever remain singularly you

To spend my days with you alone

Walking into forever because you are there with me

Such that, when the night comes

And the sun gone to its hiding

All that matter will be you and me, alone

Curdled in the arms of your deepest affection
Thanks to your love that has brought brightness to my smile

Rhythm to my laughter

And beauty to my well decorated apparel

Your love is something to me more than the air I breathe

I can’t live a second without your love

Thanks for loving me the way you do





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