Whatsoever keeps your head down has the capacity of holding your life down. Never allow a word of discouragement, an act of injustice, a disappointment or an unfair circumstance keep your head down. Shake it off.

 Is it that simple? No, it isn’t. I can tell you this because I have been there. Hold on a second, do you think brooding over what had happened will change things? No, it won’t. Crying and brooding won’t make things get better. There had always been a way out but, not in that state you are, feeling disappointed, heartbroken, troubled and disturbed. 

You can’t initiate a change in your down state, less, you worsen situation. You need to be at the top of your situation to be in charge of your situation. You tend to see clearly when you are up. You can decide discretely when you are up. 
Being up means telling yourself I’m in charge. I can dictate the pace and path to which my life follows, not this heartbreak, not this disappointment, not even the discouraging words of men can keep me down here. 

Take for instance in a race, a runner who falls never to rise again had decided never will he win the race again. And so be it. However, the one who falls and rise up again without minding where he had fallen has his mind fixed on something more ; WINNING

My dear friend, you can’t win when you are down. You can’t win when you are discouraged. You can’t win when you still feel defeated. You can’t win when you are heartbroken. If you really want to win, get up and start winning. You win, when you refuse to remain down. 

“Never look up to those who look down on you, they are not worthy of you. “

Some people are called “down casters” . They never see any good in what you do. All they talk about is the things you don’t do well or the things you can’t do at all. They come around to steal your joy and take away your happiness. They come around you to make you feel limited and less. They are called the “down casters”. Identify them and avoid them. You don’t hate by doing so. You are just being choosy in picking your friends and defining your relationships. 
Moreover, stay glue to those who celebrate your little successes. Those who appreciate your little effort. Those who see to it that you do better than you did yesterday. 

These ones on the other end are called the “up lifters”. They see to it that you get out of your down state no matter what. Their words, your inspiration. Their appreciation, your motivation. 
They rebuke you constructively and you learn from it quickly. They challenge you and you grow by it. They are always around you. Identify them and stay up lifted. 





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