Every time we get too used to a place, ignorance of the effect of such places upon us becomes well pronounced. When we get too used to such an environment, we become blinded to the danger lurking around the corners. More danger to such places is that the more we stay there, the less we see reasons to move out and move ahead. Here are 10 places I wish you never visit again. This might be the new path into the new place you ought to be or the journey into the best you that you are meant to be.

“The only reason you still think THIS PLACE is your best place is simply because you haven’t found a NEW PLACE.”- #BEINSPIRED


Most times, it is either the failure of our past or the achievement of our past that had kept us grounded where we are right now. Many grope around the failure of what ought to be, that never was, consoling themselves with reasons why they had to fail. Some even give reasons why it won’t work, because it had never worked. Some had a bite of what seems to taste like success and they concluded that was all to it, nothing could ever taste sweeter than what they had tasted. 

“Only babies cry over spilled milk. And as such, older babies hold tenaciously to yesterday’s food as the best they would ever had in their life time.”

Irrespective of how beautiful your past might seem or how dirty it was, you are passed your past. Leave it behind and keep keeping up.

The past should be the ‘once upon a time experience place’, and not our residency nor should it be our expectation. Our expectation ought to supercede the experience of the past. However, many still hold on to their experience as though it is their expectation. Friends, it’s high time we left our experience in our past and follow after our expectation for a greater future ahead.


When the place which used to keep you on your toes suddenly becomes more or less a playing ground for you, then its time you move out and move ahead from such places. Learn to clearly distinguish between your training grounds from your battle field, it keeps you in check.

“Challenges unveil our potential and fuel our mastery.”- #BEINSPIRED

The challenge free zone kills the vital part of us. In the challenge-free zone, our drive dies. Our passion dies. Our zeal fades away. Without challenges, our potential lacks the contending power to break forth and reach for the peak. 

Stay in company of friends that fires you up, organization that drives your skills into mastery and society that turns you into the best you.

Henceforth, the challenge free zone should be a no go arena, if you want to see progress and move ahead. 






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