From time to time, generation to generation, century upon century, the society had evolved continuously with new lifestyle and new trends. 

       Trending fashion is one of the major challenge of the 21st century. This is simply because, what used to be the abuse of clothes is now the best use of clothes in our days. Wardrobe malfunction is now a language peculiar to the trending fashion of our time.

        Dated back to the 19th century, miniskirt used to be the trending style. Fast forward to the 21st century, the trend has shifted. Clothes exposing cleavages, bum short (mostly now used for official outings), rag jeans and a lot of crazy dresses is now the trending fashion.

Hold on a second, do I have problem with trend? NO. Trend keep you from being old fashioned and outdated. Alas!  when the trend of the moment is not in tune  with one’s values and culture, never give it a second thought, cut off from it. The man who doesn’t have standard value upon which he makes his choices and opinions about his life will be blown by the whirlwind of spontaneous trend. 

Moreso, the premise upon which we built the idea of the style of clothes we wear or the fashion style we desire, must be base on the original purpose of which clothes were made; for covering. Keep what is meant to be private, private. Nudity is not fashionable, it is insanity. 

How you appear to people goes a long way on how they think about you. The question is, at your appearance, what comes to the mind of people? A whore? A princess? A madman? A man of dignity? 

Friends, fashion trend doesn’t have to be synonymous to moral decadence. Find a definition for the “YOU,” that you want to create for yourself in your time. And not the wrongs that some unscrupulous people present to you as being right. Dare to stand for what is true and right at all times.

Fashion style which relegates modesty is a trend that celebrates frivolity, nudity and ignominy, rather than intellectual reasoning and the proper use of clothes. Modesty should be the weighing balance upon which who you are is weighed side by side to how you look to your world. Modesty is the consideration of moderation, especially on how you appear to the world when you step out in style.

“Remember, kings don’t appear in shredded clothes. Queens always appear with dignity. With Royalty comes honor, dignity, respect and morality.”

You can’t be a woman of integrity and yet bare your cleavage for the world to see. The world passes judgement on who we are when they see what we look like. Take for instance, how would you explain to your 4 years old brother the difference between your outfit and the outfit of the madman across the street. These little ones doesn’t only look at us , the also look up to us as someone they can dependent and trust with their lifestyle and future.They learn by observation of us, for what they will live by in their own time. I am sure you wouldn’t want to see your son or daughter walk the street in the birthday suit(naked), just in the name of trending fashion style.

It is high time we preach it loud to the world that trend and moral decadence are not synonymous. Let us create a society where our children can live in without being sexually abused or being dead to morals. 

Less I forget, not all trend is meant for you. Yes you! When we are not part of a trend, we feel behind. Whereas, you might be the person with the biggest sense at the moment. Following trends do not increase your self worth, esteem does.
There was a time when wedding was the trending thing(I know I would be stepping on toes here). Very elaborate wedding was used for all sorts. I’m sure some people who could not reason well fell for it and got their ass burnt. There was a time that if you you’re not on a relaxed hair, you are beyond the margin. Now, what trends is that same archaic conceived natural hair. I could remember that those who would not relax their hair then were called S.U. derogatorily and scornfully(lol). I now don’t know that a big sense could rise a again from the contemptuous natural hair.

Now is the trend of rag jean. That looks like the cloth of a mad man. As if we are going towards stupidity, I know after sometime it becomes something normal and that is why I admonish for restoration to the original order of dress etiquette and fashion style. 
I could also remember when sandal heel was overridden by pencil heel. At that time, if you wore sandal heel you must be a old school teacher but what do we have everywhere on the street today. The same with pencil trousers and boot cut. I was surprised to see girls on boot cut again. My dear, can you allow any fashion that does not go in line with your stand to pass you by and don’t let trends dictate how you live your life per time. People follow trends so much that I wonder if they would have any life to live if this trends do not exist



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