​Please, Read Slowly and Gently… 
Just at the dawn of a beautiful morning, when the dark blue sky seems to fade away slowly and the scarcely distributed stars of the sky appears to withdraw herself gently from the firmament. 
Then I realize it’s the dawning of a new day, the breaking forth of a beautiful morning. 
In a bit to have a taste of the freshness of the day, I chose to gaze through my window, there I observed the brightly coloured banquet of flowers. Each flower arrayed itself in a colorful harmony that depict purest beauty and perfect calmest.

 Piercing deep into the calmness of the morning is the symphony orchestra of the singing birds, singing songs of melody, like the sound of the far cry of a mass choir. 
I do observe as well, the subtle transformation of the dark blue sky, changing into a wonder of an overtly beautiful scenario, with the blue sky appearing to be stained all over by some polka dot of silver lining, coupled with the blessed gyrations of the singing birds meandering the sky on the wings of the gentle breeze. 
Oh! what a beautiful day, I reiterated. At this moment, my heart couldn’t hold back the thought of this shinning beauty; the glory of the morning sun. My lover. The one I had always long to behold. The one I had always want to hold. 
The one whom I want to be seated next to always, enjoying together the beauty of every morning and the singing of the birds, as our heart beats for each other the drumbeat of love and affection. 
 Your eyes speaks the words of love and trust repeatedly and affirmatively. Your beautiful smile is sufficient for each moment of everyday. Just a thought of you makes many fulfilling days. A time spent with you had always been a long lasting memories. How then could one imagine a life spend by your side?

Let me gist you a little more please… 
 I woke up this morning to hear your voice in my heart and to see your smiles on my pillow. I woke up to hear you sweet sonorous voice calls my name, as your hands hold tenaciously to mine in preparation for a day together.
Hmmmm! the day will soon be gone  and the night is come. Please, dear JESUS, do not let go your firm grip upon my HEART. Never let go of your firm but gentle grip upon my heart. Please hold my heart still. 

Your lover, 




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