​Patience is not accepting our problem as our fate. This is as opposed to the belief of some, who sees problems as; “well it is meant to be that way, maybe that’s my destiny.” 

Our destiny is not problematic, it has never been.
Patience is a strength from within our being, to hold on a little while, with an assurance of hope, regardless of what the circumstances or condition might look like.

Our patience is tested when we don’t have to get what we want by all means, but ready to use what we have effectively, as we keep hoping and believing for what we want. 

Patience is meant to produce in us experiences. But, how can we get these experience when we take patience to mean “do nothing.”

Hear this, in what we go through daily is a lesson to learn, an experience to add up, as well as a way out, that we might be able to provide appropriate solutions to people around us who are struggling with that which we had gone through.

Sometimes, we might not be able to get people out of the mess they are, unless we had been in similar mess before. We experience fails or set back at certain times of our life, not because we caused it ourselves, nor is it because God hates us. It sometimes might be because we need to pass through such, so that we might bring many others out of it. You were able to experience that mess and come out of it victoriously, simply because you have a heart equivalent to the task. 

Many others aren’t as strong as you are. You were divinely helped so that you can be the help to others by the lesson you had gathered from your experiences. Your experience story over the years is an inspiration for someone. Don’t neglect them. 

 Moreover, experience helps us convey the message better . Your experience is a learning field not a ‘dying zone’. Therefore, learn, even in that which you are experiencing right now . 

 Problems and life challenges are not meant to break us, they produce for us experiences along the glorious path which we trend.  

What is ahead of you can’t be compare to what you are passing through. The present circumstances is not the final destination. There is a way out. There had always been. You just have to find it out. We are not joyful in problems. We rejoice in Hope amid problems because we understand that problems are not meant to be forever. Stand up, shake off yourself and get going. You are on a rescue mission. You have a destination. You are few miles away from your destination. Your experience is your preparation for the rescue mission. You can’t afford to fail in this because, many lives are anchored on yours. 



PS– If this inspires you, please feel free to share and rebroadcast to friends and family. 


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