I have learnt not to quit when I choose to start. 
I have taught my body not to disobey my orders, in spite of its burning sensation to go haywire. 

I have trained my eyes to see singly, even in the multitude of images clamoring for my sight. 

My mouth proclaims just only what my heart beats. 

I dance vehemently to the beat of my heart; a response to a deep passion I can’t ignore, even in times I don’t feel it. 

My voice only speak that which my heart communicates to it. 

My legs… Well, my legs had not still derailed from the same path which it has chosen to follow. 

Seasons and times had past, yet, I had maintained this same path of righteousness. God gives the map, I dictate the pace, my legs follow the direction. 

Though the storm may be fierce and the tempest intense. However, I have not come this far to back out now. 

I am resolute. I am determined.

I am not blind at the obvious though. 

I only choose to focus on the crown, ignoring the cheers or boos of the crowd, and not minding the cry of the crow, which tries to shift my gaze. 

One thing I do; FORGETTING WHAT HAD HAPPENED BEFORE , and reaching forward to a new event, until I hit a PHENOMENAL, which men can’t resist its effect.

The world awaits you and me. We can’t keep them waiting for too long. 

It’s high time we translate our passion into the password that unlocks the mystery the world the world is yet to see. 




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