God doesn’t answer prayers on prayer mountains anymore… Oh! I just tampered with a “sacred” place. Well, don’t be too surprise, He doesn’t. 

I knew  that really touched the nerves of some religious people, but that’s just the truth. 
I will show you a new place where He answers prayers…
A place not made with bricks or blocks. A place accessible to all but only a few gain entry. And those who enters never leave the same way they came. This is the place; THE FAITH place; the only recognized place in the Heavenly, where answers are being made to petitions on earth. A place where uncertainty turns into assurance. A place where impossibility says I’M POSSIBLE. The faith place. 

It is praying in faith that receives answers from God, not praying in fear, nor in anxiety,  not in tears, but IN FAITH. God can’t be move by our cry. What moves God is our FAITH. 

What then is this faith, and what it is not… 


1.Faith is accepting what had been written as your reality- God said it, I believe it. That settles it. 

2. Faith is not a “medium” through which we receive answers from God – Faith is not a medium but a dimension we step into, praying “IN FAITH” (James 1:6) ,  to get answer to our prayers. 

3. Faith is Faith- Faith is not quantifiable neither is it measured in sizes. If it is, how much then, of faith, does a sinner needs to get saved? You just need to have faith by believing, not a bigger or smaller faith. Faith is Faith.

 Don’t be deceived, when Jesus made reference to the mustard seed in respect to faith, he was only making us understand that you don’t need a particular size of faith to get things done. All you just need is FAITH. 
Once you have faith, then you have your answer. 

Therefore, don’t let any man make you feel forsaken by telling you your faith is not enough, especially when you pray and the situation remains as it was . 
Friends, because you are in Christ you are in the Faith place. For our faith is complete in Christ, as we are in him. We step into God’s kind of faith the very moment we step into Christ. 
We don’t struggle to please God or tries to please God. We are in Christ and in faith. We just please God from Christ. Your life pleases God because you are in Christ. Your business pleases God. Even your heart pleases God. Don’t be surprise that your smile pleases God as well(#smiles) . Everything about you pleases God. This is only because you are in Christ and Christ in you… 
This is it; When you know your true identity, the struggle in trying to be who you are not becomes over. Your prayer life takes a new look. You stop praying out of competition with that neighbor of yours, you stop praying base on your past experiences, or base on your emotions, anxiety, fear or jealousy. You only pray base on what is written concerning you. And all that God had written about you is YES AND AMEN. 

Everything about you had been written and when you find it, pray it in the FAITH place; a place where God will always do what’s best for you. 

Let Us pray… 




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