As long as we keep looking at the past, we tend to loose sight of how the future  looks like. History only shows that we are coming from somewhere, going to a destined place. 

The past isn’t our destination. Don’t talk about it as if it is. 
Whatever had gone wrong is gone. None of us should slow us down by bringing what had gone to where we are. 

Let’s focus our energy on what can come out of what we do today. And by so doing, we create a beautiful reference point for where we will be tomorrow. We know about how our past points the direction for our future. But, we will never dwell on our past. History is only a reference place, not a destination. 

We have come too far together to loose hope in this great nation. We have been in it together in all seasons, it’s not time for us to back out now. With you and I, Nigeria can be a better place. 

“I will rather speak about what I want than to grumble about what I lose. I will rather talk about where I ought to be, than to blab about where I have been.”

If you and I could do things right. If we could initiate a chain; a chain of right living, a chain of excellent values, a chain of sound beliefs and worthy conduct, our children after us will no longer grope in darkness of the past. Rather, they will walk with their head straight and their eyes fixed on a new Nigeria. 

The seat of power is not with the few that sit on the law, neither is it with the minority that enforces the law. The seat of power is with the majority that decides the law. The vast number that are bonded together by one goal. They many whose passion isn’t for self gain or self praise but for selfless service. Nigeria is not a nation of the politicians. Nigeria is ours. You and I decides what we want to do with what is ours. 

“I will no longer join in the mediorces to speak evil of what is mine. My mouth will be joined together with the men and women all over the nation and in diaspora to speak THE GIANT OF AFRICA into reality.”

No matter how bad it has been from the past, we won’t dwell on history anymore. 

A New Nigeria is a reality. Let’s keep envisioning a better nation 






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