Whatever keeps your head hanging downwards has the ability to keep you silent, unheard of and irrelevant for the rest of your life.
 The things that keeps a man under, keeps him the man in darkness; far from the illumination that knowledge brings . 
GUILT, a stronghold that keeps people under, and makes them walk in regret and condemnation for the rest of their life. 

What is this guilt? 

  1. Guilt means, not wanting to go beyond where you are, even though the limitation which used to be is no more there. 
  2. Guilt is an imprisonment of the mind, despite the availability of freedom, which is freely offered through knowledge. 
  3. Guilt means desiring to remain a captive, even after you have been fully discharged and acquainted. 
  4. Guilt means seeing yourself just the way the enemy wants you to see yourself. 
  5. Guilt means shaming yourself so as to ‘assume righteous’ before God. 
  6. Guilt is self inflicted mental torture for nothing, I mean absolutely nothing! 

Guilt reduces sons to slave, men to trees, heirs to maidservants and a Victor to nothingness. 

Dear friend, get out of that guilt and get your life back on track. You deserve to live freely without any burden of guilt. 


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