We need to start seeing ourselves, just as the way God sees us. 

When the eyes through which you see yourself is quite different from the eyes through which God sees you, then, the image of yourself or the identity of yourself becomes undefined.
What is an undefined identity? 
An undefined identity is when the creature sees the direct opposite of what the creator see about His creature. A phenomenon which leads to a conflict of identity between divinity and humanity. 

Always remember this, each time God looks at us, he doesn’t see us in our confused, frustrated and filthy state. No! When God looks at us, he sees himself in us. 

God doesn’t see the unpleasant situation before you. This does not mean He is ignorant of what you are going through. God see US before our situation. He had always seen us in charge, in the forefront and not that unpleasant situation behind us. 

What is behind you is not as important as what is ahead of you. This is the whole concept; God doesn’t see our past. He doesn’t have business with our present state. He see the future He has for us, inspite of what we are passing through presently. 

Therefore, in whatever thing you are passing through, never think God hates you or He is punishing you for a wrong you did. 

If God cannot hate Jesus, He can’t do the same to you. He sees Jesus, each time He looks at you. You are the righteousness of God. God’s own inhabitant. 

“Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was VERY GOOD…” Genesis 1:31

Listen, when God created you, He said you are very good. What He meant was that you are just perfect. 

God sees perfection in everything he had created.God is good. God is perfect. He, however, see himself in all that He had made and created. 

We need to also start seeing God in everything and in everywhere that we go. I urge you to begin to see God in that your business, in that your relationship, in that your family, in that boy you called stubborn, in the girl you called prostitute, even on that street you tagged ‘forsaken’. See God in everything. For indeed, God is in everything. 

When you see God in everything, then you are bound to get the best of everything. This helps you relate right, do right and do excellently well because you become conscious of God  in everyone and through everything. 

God will never see less of himself in you. You are are to stand up, look up and see what God had been seeing about you. If you are blinded to what God is pointing at for you to see, it means you can’t possess what he has for you. The revelation of yourself is written in the word of God, search it out and then you will find yourself and see yourself just the way God sees you. 




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