To one, life is beautiful, so pleasant and very attractive. To another, life is wicked, so unfair and full with despair.
The challenge isn’t about how life looks on the outside. It is about how you see her on the inside; the content of what makes life worthwhile.

Whatever you give to life is what she bounces back at you. When you throw stones at her, she turns back to hit you hard. When you throw pleasant surprises at her, she gives back to you pleasant smiles in return.

Life is beautifully seated in her realm, waiting on that one, who would break every barrier and obstacle, just to lay hold on her beauty and to see life for what it is.

You see, many at times, people blame life for being unfair to them. But let me ask, why wouldn’t she be unfair to those who are unfair to her?

Life only gives back to you, just what you have loaded into her.

Some others sees life as being wicked, forgetting that it was humanity who gave wickedness to life, and just like the golden rule, everyone gets what they sow.

Life will always be unfair to the one who never strive, the one who never learns, the one who never wants to try and the one who gives up easily.

When you do what no man would want to do in life, you end up getting what only few persons get from life.

Life is beautiful, but the path to her seems rugged. However, she’s on the lookout for that one man whose strength of will is unbending, whose determination is insurmountable, whose decision is stern and whose watchword has always being never give up. That man, is him who will enjoy the beauty of life.

Happy New week!


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