What men can offer

compare to what God wants to tender;

Is liken to a cup of water

out of a large ocean, roaring  waters.
Yet, this man still goes round the nations of the world to announce, of how he had fed you to satisfaction. 

Meanwhile, God gave rivers in the disaster and never talked about it to any man. 
Your help has never been with any man. For if a man supplied to you, he will definitely demand of you. If not for what you can give to him, but for what he stands to gain in return for his “kind deed”; fuel to his motionless ego, the world’s focus in his blur direction and recognition as “Lord” over other men. 
It is ignorance to believe that what men can offer you in your desperate need is the best you can ever get. And sometimes, when we seek this help from men but couldn’t find one, we tend to lose hope in a blink. 
Each time you allow your situation to make you feel so helpless and dependent on men for help, what you get at best is men’s best,which is liken to a cup of water out a large ocean. 

Why seek for a cup when you can have a well to yourself, why seek for a fruit when you can have trees of the fruit, while seek help in mortal men when you can get a fullness of it in an immortal God. 

When you seek God for help, he sends men to your aid, not the other way round. He chooses whom or what to use for your raise. If He wants he could use men, angels or even an idea. 

Seek God’s help this week and it is sure you will find Him, for God Almighty is the present help in times of need.



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