The girl-child is traditionally denied what is meant for her 

Though discriminated at every level

Yet, she can’t be hidden from any level 

She is the woman who deserves the same intrinsic worth as men

I say this nonsense must stop! 

Women are not the objects of pleasure of men;

Neither are they properties to be used and disposed of

Any custom that seeks to treat them as such shouldn’t stand
She does not belong to the Kitchen 

Her place is not in the bedroom 

Her seat is rather among the affluent

The high and mighty of any society; 

This seat must not be left vacant and unattended to by her 

Her seat among the rulers must be reserved and be well preserved 

For she is the joy of many nations 

A mother of many children 

The conduit of peaceful coexistence of any nation who seeks development 
I have seen the girl child agonize in pain

Simply for what you and I had done to her 

We have taken away her pride 

We have allowed pain to be inflicted upon her joyful heart 

We have joined forces with the society against her dignity 
What society is more evil than the ones who tramples upon the beautiful arrays of flowers 

Those who deface the rising morning sun with there sharp blades 

They deny the girl-child on how it feels to be like the woman she is meant to be 

Such society must not prevail anymore in our world 

Let us rise up together and  fight this evil out of our land 



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