Forgiveness isn’t something you demonstrate to others only, it is also what you should show towards yourself. 
You need to be gentle enough to yourself, not to tear up yourself apart with the guilt of your past. You deserve to always feel good about yourself on a daily basis and not to be embittered by your past mistakes or errors. 

You see, repeated mind play of records of your yesterday’s mistakes in the form of regret does retracts you from taking full possession of today’s package for your life. Forgive yourself and learn to enjoy the fullness of each and every beautiful day. 

The following will help you forgive yourself and look away from the mistakes of your past;
1. Forgiveness of yourself guarantees you freedom out of your yesterday’s regret and opens you up to today’s possibilities. 

It’s okay if good things goes bad to get better and the better becoming the best. But be careful not to dwell on the bad when it happens because, where you are now is not as important as where you are going to. “The bad” that happened is just a passage and not your final destination into your best. 
2. When you make mistakes, don’t make a disaster out of the mistake you made. 

Take out of your mistakes, a message to better your life. 

3. You don’t have to press yourself too hard that you become so frail and susceptible to breakage even by the slightest hit from life circumstances.

 Forgive yourself and let go of your unpleasant past. 
4. Give yourself the chance to do something new and not get stuck in your past mistakes that makes it impossible for you to see new possibilities. 

Things can be better, if only you allow yourself to see the reality of it getting better. 

4. Your past is not as important as your future. So also is the mistakes you had made in the past not as important as the making of the man or woman of greatness that you are becoming. 

Take only a lesson to learn out of your mistake and never take the full baggage of your mistakes upon your heart for the rest of your life. 

5. The Joy of today’s achievement is an antidote against the burden of yesterday mistakes. 
6. Don’t hurt yourself more by reminiscing on how and where your heart sustain this grievous injury. 

Whatever happened in your yesterday had gone with that day and it must not disturb your today. 

I will live in today as if my yesterday never existed and I will live my tomorrow in today, like am already in the tomorrow I always anticipate to see.”-ABAIRE OLAWALE 

7. You can’t keep condemnation at heart and still expect a recommendation in life. 

You can’t always condemn yourself to the valley of life and yet expect a recommendation to the mountain top of life. Stop condemning yourself to zero and in a short while, you will see yourself rising to become a hero. 
8. This, I want you to remember… 

Whenever God forgives a man, he forgets the wrong the man ever did. Even If the man brings his past to God’s remembrance, God doesn’t attach him to his past anymore, but He always see the man in the future He wants  him to be, even though he might not be there yet. 

If God could forgive your mischief despite it’s gravity, why do you find it difficult to forgive yourself? Why do you still whip yourself so hard with your own rod of condemnation and regret? 

Get out of this mud of regret and condemnation you have submerge yourself into and reach for the fullness life. You deserve love. You deserve gladness of heart . You deserve peace. You deserve beauty. If any of these isn’t found in your past life, create them for yourself today and enjoy the rest of your life. 




2 thoughts on “FORGIVE YOURSELF 

  1. Great write up bro.
    your fingers are blessed.
    I see u filling halls with men and women across the country and abroad, awakening and sharpening them with your *inspired words* in the nearest future.
    keep it up …

    Liked by 1 person

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