I choose to do things that matter most to me in life. I choose to do them very hard, eventhough it cost me a lot. For I’m persuaded that for every great feat comes a great sacrifice. Though it cost me more now, yet it will pay me in greater deals more than I ever anticipated for later.
I believe that time is everything an investment needs to grow. I will work in time now, as I invest wholly everything it requires of me for the best times of bountiful harvest ahead of me.

My motivations for life will never be borne out of the desire to satisfy my appetite nor will it be out of an hunger to gratify my lust. My motivation for life will always be the passion to do the things that I love; the undying zeal for impact.

I will daily feed my passion by bringing around my sphere, resources that align with my passion, and not sourcing for ways of enjoying short time pleasure that never last. I will rather work hard now and enjoy later, than pleasure hard now and regret forever.

I will go on from here and strengthen my feeble hands, so that they would work well as I place them on ‘this plough’. I will sharpen my blunt sword to fight through and bring the victory back home.

Nothing gives me joy other than seeing a soul being joyous and fulfilled about life. I am glad when I see the man’s spirit being inspired and the man himself coming to the identity of who he is and what he’s capable of achieving with his life (#BEINSPIRED VISION). This is why I will give priority to what gives me joy, than dividing my life between what matters most and what never matter at all.

I choose to be productive with every passing moment in time. I won’t take that risk of selling my generation to uttermost darkness, just for what will not last forever.
I have made my choice and I am resolute about it. It is now your turn too. What have you chosen today?



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