Your need is nothing tangible. As a matter of fact, what your life needs is an intangible WORD from God , which makes provision for you, more than the tangible needs you desire; the money, clothing, shelter, etc.
Take for instance, I can satisfy your tangible needs today. But, that might not suffice for you till tomorrow. Then, it is better you get something that will make provision for you, more than that which you desire for the now. Just one intangible word from God is enough. 

In the same vein, the recipient of this intangible WORD from God must have what it takes to receive the word; not just his ears to hear them, but an heart to process what he hears into something tangible.

The recipient of the intangible word from God needs faith to make the word produce visible results. 


 Just like the enzyme-substrate activity of an aspect of science called enzymology, in which an enzyme is seen to be specific for a particular substrate upon which it acts upon. An enzyme called lipase for example catalyses the degradation of lipid(fat & oil) into digestible fat. This Lipase cannot act on carbohydrate, which is another class of food, simply because carbohydrate is not a substrate for the enzyme lipase. So also is it with a WORD from God, not acted upon by faith. 

When Peter in the scriptures took the right hand of that lame man at the gate called beautiful, after he had spoken the word, what Peter actually did was that he stirred up the substrate; FAITH in that lame man, so that the enzyme; GOD’S WORD, which Peter had spoken might produce a visible result. 

Friends, you need not only jump at every word from God and enjoy the euphoria for that moment without taking steps of faith. Faith involves acting accordingly on the intangible word from God, so that it might produce a visible result for all to see. 

If God’s word says “you will prosper,”  the shout of Amen will not make it happen. God’s word is liken to a seed that needs a soil to grow. A lazy man who jumps at the word; “you shall prosper” will definitely end in penury if he refuses to work diligently. 

“The soul of a lazy man desires, and has nothing;But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich.”-PROVERBS 13:4(NKJV) 

Therefore, God’s word is powerful. Your faith connects you with its powers. Your actions makes it evident for all to see. Act on the word and men will see its evidence in your life. 



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