​”It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”-Saint Augustine
Pride! Oh Pride!!

For strive abides where their is pride 

Pride limits your stride 

And hinder your grace ride

Foolishness resides in pride 

For pride refuses counsel and sees his ways as always right

He doesn’t have to speak before you see the haughty looks on his eyes 

He shows a false identity of great deeds; even if he hasn’t done a dime 

His best language is ‘I’

He speaks of heights;

Heights he had never attained in life 

Barely insignificant feats  does he magnifies 

Prides sees insult at every words that pricks his ill personae 

Don’t be deceived, pride kills 

Pride intoxicates, just like fine wine 

Don’t be caught in the web of his interwoven trine 

Don’t walk along his line 

He had destroyed many lives 

And he seek yours too, especially at these times 



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