Over time, the effect of spoken words have not been fully realized as many people still speak without minding the consequences or influence of these words on themselves and on others.

We become what we repeatedly speak on ourselves. The words you speak create the path for your life to thread. These words also open you up to the possible reality of whatever you have spoken on yourself.

How we say the things we say does not really matter as to what we actually say about ourselves. Either jokingly, frankly, lightly or seriously, every words on our lip to our self is powerful enough to manifest in our lives. What makes your word powerful is what makes creation possible.

Do you want a particular future  yourself?

Wake up each morning and create the future you want for yourself. Create the world you want by your own words. Always speak what you seek until you see what you have spoken. Your word is the oil that fuels your action and drives your life.

More to the words you speak on yourself are the words people speak on you

 As I said earlier, your words create the path for your life. However, people’s words on you either lubricate or barricade this path. A man is limited by the limitation placed on him through the people he constantly listens to. I will rather stay alone than stay in a company of people who pours out toxic words on me.

“When you see where you are going afar off, you need words of people who had gone ahead of you on the same path to smoothen yours.”-ABAIRE OLAWALE 

Check what you listen to; does it cause heaviness in your heart? Does it make you doubt your ability to do more? Does it make you feel less of who you are meant to be? Does it condemn you constantly? If you experience any of such, you need to change who and what you hear.

People around your sphere play a good part in shaping  your life.

How best should we therefore use our words;

  1. Speak positivity always
  2. Let your word carry an healing ointment
  3. Speak possibility often
  4. Speak life to a dying spirit
  5. Talk the talk, but mind the words
  6. Speak health to the sick soul
  7. When you talk, let your conversation brings joy and happiness, it makes life worth living
  8. When you rebuke, regardless of the tone, always watch the language
  9. Build up with your tongue and don’t pull down
  10. Speak, not as a fool but as a wise man who conceal matters
  11. Be slow to speak but quick to listen




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