You are God, who places a man at the Centre of his world, that all men would see what you can do with, and through a mere dust.

Oh LORD, my God! You have made out of my experience and my naïve thought, a source of inspiration to men. You had also made a keyboard, the vehicle upon which this thought rides across the world.

You took me on a journey through the east. A place where I had desired to learn the culture and the wisdom of the sons and daughters of the east. There, I got from you more abundantly than I could have desired. You gave me what money cannot buy.  You gave me GRACE. It was all I ever needed. Your grace kept me such that I never laid my armor at the feet of the daughters of the east.

Every organ of my body blesses you, Most High. For my heart never cease to pump your goodness throughout my body. My lungs never cease to receive into its quiver, the freshness of life you provide each day. My stomach accepts whatever is made available to it and turns it into energy for every day’s work. How these things happen, I can’t comprehend.

I thank God for every day’s opportunity to advance in life. And for every mistake I had made, for it avails me the privilege to learn and get better. I also thank God for you too , for you are a living witness and an evidence to God’s faithfulness.

Each day I sleep, I wake to your bright light shining through my dark night. LORD, I am grateful for the eyes to see this.

I can think and write, simply because my mind is active. I speak and you hear, all because my tongue hasn’t been slited. More than words could say, I sincerely want to express my heartfelt gratitude. If only you would see through my heart, to see how grateful I am LORD.

In my life, I had wanted to have many things. I had desired to do many things. Though, I am yet to get them all done nor receive all I had ever desired. Yet, you gave me the one thing you knew I had needed, for everything I had ever wanted. You gave the one thing that changes everything. You gave me yourself. You offered me Jesus and since then, everything became different. I never since then lacked any good thing.

You are a gracious God and I lift my voice to worship you.





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