The most common emotional trauma people face daily is that of anxiety; the fear of what would be or might not be.
A lot of people get devastated while thinking of what lies ahead of them.Things they wish they do, but feared it might not work out.

 They go about life with the “what if” question tag. You hear people say things like; “what if my plans doesn’t work out, what if am not nominated for the contest, what if she turns down my offer, what if I don’t make enough profit in the business, what if this ,what if that…”
Friends, I will like to tell you that the fear of an outcome of a futuristic intent or incidence steers up negativity, first, in the mind, then around one’s life. Fear itself is a perfect antecedent of negativity, a friend to wicked premonitions and an enemy of faith. Fear gives birth to negativity, just as faith reproduces positivity.
Faith in a simple term is a conviction in the mind that  something good and wonderful is about to happen. Just like love, faith is expressed both in words and in actions. It is believing that every circumstances is working for your good and not against you.
It suffice to say  that whatever goes on in our mind has a strong determinant on our everyday life, our health ,our relationship with other and our productivity at work.

If fear in the mind could create negativity around one’s life and faith creating positivity, it is therefore of a necessity to understand that what lies within is far greater than what lies ahead. You have the capacity within you today, to create what happens around your life tomorrow, simply by the words you speak  and the attitude which backs up your words today.

Just like the topic of perspective in our elementary fine art classes, where you only see and grasp the drawing of an object placed before you, only from your own standpoint. Having the right perspective gives you the perfect result . Why not therefore position yourself right to see right. 

See with your mind first, what you would like to see in your life.”

When you allow fear in your mind to see a bad day ahead, a bad day then becomes inevitable. However, if all factors today seems pointing towards a bad day tomorrow, don’t accept to fate, create a new day that you would like to see. This can only be achieved by your proclamation of faith with a right attitude today. 

Here are few things being positive does to your life and health;

1. Positivity within, attracts positivity without– Your life attract what your heart secretly nuture and desires. 

2 . It gives peace and confidence to walk through life, even in the face of hurdles and life trials– Life has its rumbling tempest. A positive mind has the tactics of an eagle to ride against life’s storm. 

3. Being positive exalts our strength and relegates our weakness as though they do not exist– Human inadequacies exist in the world, but not in the mind of faith where every positive premonition is possible. 

4. Positivity saves you of unnecessary worries and reduces your stress level

5. Stay positive to stay alive, active and spirited– A dead man is not necessarily a man without life but a man who had lost all hope of life while he still breathes. 

6. Positivity might not always produce the desired result, but you stand the chance to always get the perfect result– You get what you have to have, when you have to have it. 

#StayPositive #BeInspired 




    1. “indeed positivity is needed in our everyday life”. I totally agree with you on that. I do hope people would view life with the same perspective. Thanks for finding this article interesting. I also sincerely appreciate your comment and compliment.


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