Because everyone does it, that does not make it right. The multitude aren’t the yardstick for rightness or wrongness. You determine what is right to do when you are in consensus with every principles of human existence. 

You know the right thing to do when you understand the essence of life, the beauty of nature and the value of human relationship with the tangible and the intangible world. 
What is right is what you believe to be right without any sense of guilt  or condemnation in your heart. 

The world won’t collapse on you when you choose to stand out of the multitude, for what you believe is right. And what constitutes this believe is your understanding of life, based on positive and infallible values. 


Chiefly, what is right is what you stand out for, by measure of positive standard values of life. 
What is right to do is therefore what you have found to do, but choose not to do because it negates the principles surrounding its purpose for existence. 

Happy Weekend! 


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