The judge of one’s own will, that either condemns or praises one’s intended act is the CONSCIENCE
You seek to hear a voice from God for direction. But why neglect the voice of your conscience?
We actually become responsible for our own actions when what we choose to do or not to do, comes from our will for rightness in our CONSCIENCE. Standing for what is right regardless of the consequence. 

This is another dimension to maturity; taking responsibility for your own actions, without having to blame anyone for your choices. 

Adherence to the rightness of your conscience is when you know the consequences of an action you are about to take, but you still go ahead to do what is right, because of the peace and satisfaction you find in your heart for it. And ignoring the pleasure you would have enjoyed if you had  chosen otherwise. 
Seeking for public opinion for actions you would take will only make you to blame the public when the consequences backfires. Counsel is good and it guarantees safety. We seek for counsel whenever we are in doubt of what to do. The truth is, most of us know the right thing to do. But we seek for a confirmation from people’s opinion. 

Most times, some others do know what to do right but the right choice presented by there conscience might seems not comfortable to them, even though they knew it to be the best decision at that time, which will also pay off at later time. But, they seek counsel to choose otherwise, looking for a partner who would second there wrong intent because of the immediate satisfaction or pleasure that surrounds this choice. 
Never go seek for counsel when you had already made up your mind on the choice to take.

Just like a plain sheet of paper to be written upon. Always present yourself plain to your counsellor and let him or her scribble some things on a plain mind, with a pencil though. Take then, these written letters on your mind to your privacy and critically do an analysis and arrangement on them along side with the voice of your conscience. If your conscience condemns the counsel after your analysis, it will be wise of you not to go with it. But if your conscience approve of it, without guilt or condemnation, why not, it is a go ahead. This is why it is important to seek counsel from people of like minds, whose values, principles and ideology are in tandem with yours. 

How then can you identify the rightness of your conscience when you had already suffocated conscience with envy, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, impatience, lust and all form of  wickedness. 

Your conscience is in you to rightly direct you, don’t kill it. 


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