Few days ago, I was engaged in a conversation with a dear friend. The conversation led to us discussing about personality issues and how best to relate with friends. She said and I quote, with her permission though;

The problem I have is am too soft. Too soft hearted. I  just hate myself sometimes. Am too soft at everything. Too soft at heart, in character, in physical strength, am too fragile. Everyone sees me as someone who can’t do much because indeed I don’t have the strength to do much work or do too heavy things. Am tired… 

This is actually an issue with many of us too, which most times, tends to be predominant among the female folks. It is nothing other than the woman’s make up and shouldn’t be seen as a weakness at all, of a truth. No one is better than you. Neither is a guy better than or stronger than a lady, we are just different from one another, with our unique peculiarities. 

Being soft at heart isn’t a sign of weakness. As a matter of fact, being soft in the heart shows strength of character; which are expressed through the virtues of sincerity, truthfulness, passion and love, which all fills a soft hearted fellow. You have the strength of character because of your soft heart and not a weakness. 

The truth is, when your heart is often open to welcome everything, every issue, all sort of people, different circumstances, which invariably weighs you down. That is the WEAKNESS we talk about. 

 Know this about your soft heart; not everybody can handle it. Therefore, not everybody should be allowed access into your heart. 

Choose ur friends discretely. 

As all fragile materials are kept from the reach of minors, so also must you guide your heart from being accessible to every Tom, Dick and Harry, who are kids in a man’s clothing.

You could recognize this kind of people by what they seek to rob you of when they come in contact with you; your time, your dignity, your virtue, yourself… 

Don’t quote me wrong, am not saying you shouldn’t make friends. The point is, don’t just let every person you meet get access to your heart easily, who might later tapper with something vital in your mind and latter destabilize your emotions. Same goes with any situation you find yourself. Learn to let go of situation you can’t control. 

Speak powerful words of hope to your heart always. This is one of the tools that birth strength in strong people. Tell yourself;

I will be happy no matter what 

I am strong because I have a heart that houses the strength of character.  

I love sincerely because I have a strong heart. 

I care deeply because I have a strong heart.

 I speak the truth from my heart because it is a strong one.

Keep the Spirit of positivity alive. And in no time, things will get better. I believe. 



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