Many people just like myself are quick to question God “Why me”? especially when they seem to experience a shift from what used to be rossy to what seem painful, unfair and disheartening. No matter how unpleasant or painful that situation might be to you, God wasn’t asleep when it happened to you. As a matter of fact, nothing happens to you outside His auspices. He is always aware of everything that happens to his most cherished creature: HUMANS.

Friends, of a truth, God is not a wicked God. Regardless of the angle you might view your situation from. When evil happens to good people, it isn’t an intention of wickedness. Rather, it is an attempt to strengthen them, in order to build strength within and around them.

Our strength of Character, the profession of our faith, our words of hope, our heart of courage and everything about us all get tested. Not in our comfort times but during tumultuous periods. Always remember, the ability for a ship to withstand the storm and tempest isn’t tested on a pool.

God is building up a strong people who would fight evil and overcome it. However, He wouldn’t want to raise a people whose strength of will is weak and whose grip against evil isn’t firm. This is why sometimes, He brings us a little closer to unpleasant circumstances in a bid to train us for the combat techniques against evil. We wouldn’t be able to fight the good fight at the comfort of our everyday living.

When good things happen to evil people, that is the merciful side of God. When evil things happen to evil people, that is the justice side of God. When good things happen to good people, that’s the caring side of God. However, when an ordeal befalls good people, that is the fatherly side of God, teaching his Children to be strong. Though, it is a period of training, believe me, it isn’t forever. A bit of an experience that knocks you out isn’t your dead end. As long as you are not knocked down, you are coming back on stage stronger and better.

Take for instance, in a game of boxing, a player might be thrown off balance. But, out of balance isn’t out of the game. There are certain ordeals that leave us with scars we would forever carry. But, such ordeals shouldn’t be what we would reminiscence on for the rest of our lives. A scar is an indication that you have fought and fought well. A scar is a pointer that infirmity would not rise the second time.

Henceforth, in every situation you are in, I want you to change your question from “God why me”? to” God what do you want me to learn”? “What would you have me do”?
Learn to put on positivity anytime and every time . Nothing happens to you. Everything that happens, happens for you. For we know that all things work together for your good.

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