Let your past be passed.
Whatever happened to you in your past is just one of those lessons you had to learn, in other to bring you up and rightly position you where you are right now. As a matter of fact, you don’t belong to your past any longer. It was just a rugged passage you had to walk through all by yourself, with the only hope of “God is by my side.”

If you can go through that hurt of the past all alone and you are still alive right now, it simply means that no circumstances can or will be able to hurt you down. Not even your past, not where you are right now, not even the thought of uncertainty which lies ahead of you. Nothing! No one thing can tear you apart. Only strong people like you go through such rugged path of the past and still comes out alive as a conqueror.

I beseech you therefore to enjoy the full package meant for you each new day. Today is too precious for you to allow your past mistakes and pains to rob you of your joy and happiness. Do things that gives you true satisfaction. Things you love doing. Love what you do also. However, friends, whenever you don’t have a pure conscience and an inner peace towards a thing you are about doing, never venture into it at all. Live each day in such a way that you will retire to your bed at the end of the day without any regret.
Trust God and believe on Him for your future.
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