We don’t have to look alike to see alike. You might be seeing the worst of all times but I’m seeing the best of opportunities of all times. You might be seeing a seed being buried but I am seeing the same seed as being planted. You might be seeing a “pleasuring toy” and a potential harlot in that young teenage girl but I am seeing in the same girl, a mother and a feminist with a vision and a voice to the nations. The me you see without seeing anything worthwhile is the same me someone else had been seeing as a world Changer. The letters you see in this short piece as dancing words, is the same piece someone else sees as a mind blowing message.

There is always a great figure behind every image you see. Whenever you look at an image, don’t just look at how the image looks like, try to see the figure behind the image. Beyond what those two dark spot on pure white linen hanging close to your forehead can see, see deeper than that. This is how greatness is been called forth out of men. Help others to see the great ‘them’ that is blind to them.
Whenever you look at that friend of yours, what do you see? Each time you look at that stubborn son of yours, what do you see?

Whenever you look at me, what do you see? Never look at the present me to conclude on me.
You might not be seeing me as someone who is adding height or gaining weight simply because you see me as someone who is not growing. Well, thanks. That might be to the best of your sight. I might appear to you as though I am not growing, simply because, daily, I am evolving far beyond adding height or gaining weight.



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