“Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.”- 1 Corinthians 10:12(KJV)
Its real simple.
Our falling into sin and guilt of sin is in our thinking that we have been standing. The bible spoke clearly about our position. It never said we are standing. We are the ones who think so and invariably, we fall repeatedly.
The bible declared it emphatically, “WE ARE SEATED…”
However, the ice on the cake is that we aren’t seated alone. We are seated WITH CHRIST…”

When we think we stand, our strength is being manifested. We begin to see our own effort, our own deeds and our own righteousness.
Whenever you see yourself standing in the strength of yourself, your fall is inevitable.
However, each time you see yourself where you are seated; with Christ, then to stand before the crowd would also be with Him.
I would rather be seated communing alone with Christ, far from the crowd than to stand before the crowd, demonstrating a strength of my own.
When you think you stand, self cautiousness becomes a lifestyle. Becoming cautious of the law, cautious of not sinning, cautious of the “DO NOT” commands.
Righteousness is not made manifest through cautiousness. Righteousness is reveal by Faith in the finished work of Christ.
If I was declared a sinner for what I knew nothing about, right from the time when the first man(Adam) sinned. A time when my grandfather hasn’t been born yet not to talk of me. Then, do I need to put my effort to obtain the righteousness of God? No!
All I need to do is to believe by faith that I, OLAWALE is the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus.
More often than not, the missing link between work and righteousness by faith is the misinterpretation, or should I say a lack of understanding of the concept of Grace.
At this juncture, am compelled not to probe further. But, I will, that you keep to heart this one saying I keep repeating;
“Grace is not a panacea for indolence ”

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