1. “You grow when you start paying attention to the slightest, seemingly insignificant details of your personality.”- BE INSPIRED

3. “Eagles are meant to soar high and not to pick grains with chicks all around. This is not comparison. It is who they are. Just like it is impossible for a king to descend to the same level as dogs.” – ABAIRE OLAWALE

3. “Why fill your 24-hour time of the day with the avoidable distractions of the Internet, Reality TV shows and unproductive talks? when you aspire to do something great in your time.
Do you know that Someone somewhere is busy sharpening his skills and preparing himself for the same aspiration as yours? yet, you expect to get the same result. It can never happen. Excellence is a product of continuous practice.”- ABAIRE OLAWALE

4. “What we listen to, who we listen to, what people say to us and the words we speak to ourselves are the everyday diet of our soul, which must be well nourished .” – ABAIRE OLAWALE

5. “The folly of a man is revealed the very moment he begins to think he needs not do anything with his life and time anymore, than he had done in previous times. This is called COMPLACENCY; an act that kills a person while he still lives.”- ABAIRE OLAWALE

6. “An Unhealthy habit is like a warm bed on a cold day;easy to get in but difficult to get out. Be Determined to be free . Gradually, progressively and consistently. In no time, you are out.” – © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE


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