People live life miserably because they see nothing to life, other than the struggle to meet their need for food, clothes and shelter. Even the so called ‘rich’ among them all falls into this category too. This is why I will like to say that money or lack of it isn’t all to life. People who see life to consist only on the basic human needs has always place a constraint upon themselves by not seeing things they are capable of doing with their life through societal development, contribution to humanity, innovation and inventions to benefit living, rather than struggling for survival.

Just as when people starts understanding that striving to meet their need for food, clothing and shelter shouldn’t be their topmost priority, then is the understanding of the value of life beginning to dawn on them.

The struggle for survival mentality, predominantly in Africa is actually what is sapping out the most of our life, blinding Africans to see beyond where they are and what they can do with life. Life is valued when you see what you can give to life rather than what you can take from it.
Those basic needs we struggle to get falls in place on their own accord when we value life.

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” –Aristotle

#Be Inspired!


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