Whenever God does a miracle, it is His own way of telling us that He is God and He is still in charge. Miracle is an everyday activity to God, just as food is a daily intake to the stomach. Miracle is God’s everyday routine, inspired by men’s desperation and turning out to be an amazement to all and sundry.

The reason why we seems not to recognize miracles when one happens is because we think they are normal phenomenon, which can be traced to what we did or didn’t do. Miracle does not come as a result of what we ought to do but couldn’t do or what we ought to say but didn’t say. Miracles are deliberate act of God, pushed by our faith in God.
Moreover, when something which seems to look like “the beyond the natural phenomenon” happens, we are quick to tag it a miracle. The truth be told, every miracle is divine; it comes from God, done by God, inspired by men’s desperation and motivated by men’s believe and trust in God, not a human programming. As long as it cannot be calculated or explained rationally. As long as you want to think it through but couldn’t phantom how it happened. As long as it is only traceable to God, doing His everyday routine. Then, that is a miracle.

While we think sleeping and waking by the sound of the alarm is not a miracle, and a fresh leg growing out of an amputated leg is one, we tend to act like an hypocrite, esteeming one of God’s act above the other. When a particular miracle happens 24hours/day, and it appears to be a normal occurrence, does it make it less of a miracle?
Since miracles are God’s routine; His normal everyday activities, it is therefore our own responsibility to always recognize God’s everyday act and don’t hesitate to say A BIG WELL DONE TO HIM. He deserves our appreciation and complement.

What then is a Miracle?
– A miracle is when you slept careless after an hectic day only to wake up to the beautiful ray of the early morning sun, shinning through your room.
– A miracle is when you wrote jargons or couldn’t write anything during an exam, only to see the result turning out to be the best you have ever had.
– A miracle is when you are dumbfounded during an interview but was called upon to resume work the next day.
– A miracle is when you are recommended for a job or a program or a course, which is a lifetime opportunity and yet, you never knew who orchestrated it.
– A miracle is when the doctor diagnoses cancer today and ask you to come back tomorrow only to tell you what used to be a cancer is no more, not even a trace of it.
– A miracle is when you still eat a balanced diet of three square meal even in the face of economic recession.

I have seen miracle and I have enjoyed miracle. Nevertheless, I will go back on my knees to seek for more. I desire a miracle. Miracles happen everyday.
Don’t miss out of today’s miracle.
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