It has been a pain in my heart
A burden I can’t share; very hard
Anytime I think about it
My heart quakes bit by bit

I feel am living in a wrong world
A world where everybody seems to walks forward
While I walk backward
I had shed tears all night long
With the same words railing out of my tongue;
Who am I! Who am I!! Who am I!!!

I have repeated these words a thousand and one times; who am I!
Oh! No answer to my most difficult puzzle
My quest for who I am drove into purpose
And her, I found it

Yes! I am where I am today
All thanks to knowledge, everyday
So pleasant is it, for an ignoramus to find knowledge
It gives him an edge

I came to a rediscovery of my true identity
No man can make me a nonentity
Not one man can make me less of what I have made of my own self
I am the architect of myself

I used to believed men’s opinion about myself
Thanks to Knowledge, I no longer live in oblivion
I am unique
It is not a measure of my physique
It is a knowing in my spirit
I believe in it
Yes, I am what God says I am
Knowing empowers me to who I am



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