Many at times, passionate individuals eagerly desire to make things happen in their time and around them. We want to be the agent of change. We earnestly desire to make an impact and leave the footprint of our impact in the sand of time.

However, very few of us are ready to let this impact hit us hard first, before it bounces back to the world around us. Most of us are passionate to pass a message, but very few of us are ready to listen to the message for ourselves first. This is why the effect of our impact seems shallow or insignificant. Consider this; when the root of a plant doesn’t go deep down the soil, the chance for the plant surviving all seasons becomes unrealistic.

This is also one reason why we doubt the genuineness of some people we seems to see at the top. Most times, their proclamation, their deeds and their words, entirely negates what their life speaks. No proper rooting or footing. No experience. No test of expertise. No records of how things were, during the days in the nursery.
Little wonder you hear people say words like; “there is something not right about that leader, that manager, that pastor or that teacher.” This mostly happen when the person in question never take time to be well groomed in the nursery, or maybe boycotted the nursery to force there way to the top.

The nursery is actually a place where you gather enough experience, skills and expertise for where you are going out there, a place you will be for all seasons.

Friends, we need that staying power to wait in the nursery. A place to be drenched in the water of our aspiration. A place to be nourished, so as to be well rooted where we will be planted. A place to stretch our tiny muscles, in rehearsal for the biggest show. I perceived in my heart that someone reading this article needs just a day more of staying in the nursery, an hour more, a week more, a year more, or even some years more and Boom! you are fit to launch out massively.



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