Plants that survive in all seasons (i.e perennial crops), are mostly first kept in a nursery for a while.The nursery provides a temporary place for these plants to be cared for, groomed and prepared unto maturity, so as to be able to withstand all seasons.

Here is where the nursery principle applies;

The difference between the man who is so hungry to be onstage now and you backstage; at the nursery is that you cherish growth and development rather than praises and commendations.

A time will come, when the man on stage becomes obsolete, either due to a shift in the natural order of things or a lack of improvement on the part of that man. At this time, it is you, at the backstage that will be required to climb up the platform. This is why I used to say “let’s keep preparing ourselves.”

You will one day be needed onstage, only if you had stayed enough at the nursery to get equipped and ready to withstand all seasons when you get up on stage.

Moreover, where you are presently might be your nursery. Stay there. Don’t rush out. Take your time to get everything needed before going onstage; the message, the skills, the professionalism, the knowledge, the motivation and the anointing for exploit and extraordinary feat.

And to those already onstage, I say congratulations to you. But don’t forget, you were once backstage in the nursery, that should humble you and give you the motivation that you haven’t gotten there yet, there are more grounds to break. And to those who boycotted the nursery or rushed out of the nursery just to be seen on that exhorted platform, I say sorry for you. Why sorry? because, if you had rushed out of your nursery, you will still have to rush back there, either willingly or you will be compelled by circumstances to do so. It is better you go back there now, by your own will, or the other way round, which might be somewhat tough.

Remember, great men are not made on stages or exhorted platform. They were first prepared somewhere down in the nursery before they appear where you are seeing them today.



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