Take a lesson from the bees. The bees are always too busy producing sweet honey by sucking the nectar of every sweet smelling flowers.
Know this, it is either you become so busy like the bees; producing sweet honey or you become the nectar, appearing good looking but with no more values or relevance. Either you are busy being useful or you are being used. There is no two way to this.
Never forget that the sweet honey produced by the bee is an evidence that once upon a time, a busy bee was working passionately to add values to itself and invariably becoming a source of happiness to many.
Friends, its high time we get ourselves engrossed in our passion.

More so, been busy could lead to futility, if it is not directional, specific or purpose driven.
At this juncture, the question I will like to put to you is: What are you busy with?

Your ability to utilize the limited resources at your disposal, the things you like to speak about often, the thoughts that preoccupies your mind and the problem that appeals to you, all these and more are a pointer to the one thing you ought to be busy with. You aren’t ‘Jack’, never you act like you are. ‘Jack’ gets so busy with EVERYTHING but ended up getting NOTHING from EVERYTHING. Get it right! Just one thing is needful, why not get busy with that.

What happens mostly in our organizations and places of work is the attitude of seeing what we do as a mere routine. When we start seeing our work as a mere routine; we get NOTHING out of it. Doing the same thing over and again is never similar to doing the same thing in a different way, over and again. WHILE THE FORMER LEADS TO BOREDOM, THE LATTER RESULTS IN INNOVATION.
Stick to your passion and get busy with it.

Stay Connected! Be Inspired!


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