Peace! Peace!! Peace!!!
Peace! I speak, to every stormy sea
Peace is what we long to see
Once more, Oh Lord! We pray thee
That you send us your comforting breeze
That the tide will once more blow in our direction with ease

Peace we pray for, in our midst
For the economy of the state now lack a yeast
And the ground has refused to give us good yield
People dying everyday; even in the east
The innocent looking boy has now turn wild and aggressive
Just to make an ends meet

Peace! Peace!! Peace!!!
Who says a TIV man, an Hausa man and a Yoruba man can’t live together in peace
Come, and I will show it to you on my street
I speak ;
Not as an orator but as a Spirit
Carrying the message of peace

I am Olawale
I am a Nigerian
We are the giant of Africa
The beauty of the black race
We can not be erased
We will not disintegrate
We are a three cord, which cannot be broken
A fourth one, which makes it a perfect four-framed picture
Peace we pray for,
From the NORTH to the SOUTH
Peace in the EAST and in the WEST.



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