The body falls sick. So also is it with the mind. Worries, anger, jealousy, hatred, grudges, irritation, resentment, guilt, depression, lack of joy and happiness, and all other negative emotions can make the mind sick. A sick mind weakens the body and as well affect the spirit too.

As growth affects every aspect of our being, so also is the mind affected too.The effectiveness of the mind is therefore based on what it had taken in, through the various channels of the eyes, ears and its imaginative power. The Holy Bible also pointed it out that for a Christian who is saved, the mind isn’t new at salvation, though the spirit is. Hence, the tendency for the mind to be sick if it isn’t being renewed always.

A Christian whose mind is sick has not understood the fact that walking in the Spirit does not annul the mental faculty, rather it enables it for Spirituality, for productivity and for effectiveness in life.

Among many aspect of our mind is the place of our THOUGHT. Our mind is not a vacuum, as influx of thought tends to flood the mind continuously. Negative thoughts are pushed our of the mind only by pure and positive thoughts. A sick mind will therefore lack the three(3) major P’s of an healthy mind, which are;
-Lack of Possibility Thinking
-Lack of Productive Thinking
-Lack of Progressive Thinking



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