What if as a lady, you found better qualities for a spouse in another man, of which you have seen a lesser version of such qualities in your present spouse. Will you leave your spouse and go for this “new better half”, Seeing that he has better qualities you desire in a man than those you’ve found in your present spouse? Mind you, every lady wants their own MR RIGHT.

I will like to first establish a fact.Either as a lady or a guy, as long as you progress in life and career, you will always get acquainted to ladies who looks prettier, guys who talks better and people whose character seems appropriate for you, for a spouse. For example, I once heard a pastor saying that even though he is married, some other ladies still looks attractive to him. Now, some religious persons might say this pastor is promiscuous. No, he is not. “If other ladies looks attractive to me, that doesn’t give me the leverage to womanize” He said.

For the fact that new models of cars are being produced yearly, that doesn’t make the existing model unless. You can always make the existing ones look new. This is the phenomenon employed in one popular TV show called PIMP MY RIDE. In this show, old cars are being refurbished. You can get the exact taste of what you desire for your car without necessarily buying a new one.

This phenomenon is also applicable for a marital relationship to be successful. Human has the ability to learn and unlearn new things. Whatever you desire in your spouse, make it available to him or her. You can always talk out such things too. This is why communication is very vital in every relationship. You don’t have to jump around from one failing relationship into another frustrating one .

Dear sister, any man will want you because of what he sees and loves about you. Who wouldn’t want a lady because of what he loves about her. But know this, not only because of what a man loves in his woman, that keep other women from being attractive to him. The in-depth conviction you’ve got about him, not the beeping of your emotions alone and the fact that you’ve got God’s backing in your marital relationship is all that will keep you going in that relationship.
This is why God’s consent is vital about your relationship. Does God knows about your marital relationship? How much does He know?


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