I haven’t found a successful man who hasn’t make mistakes. But, I have seen many a great man who had transform mistakes into great success.

Making mistakes is not equivalent to being a failure. Your mistakes shows that you have the potentials to do a task better, just because you have learnt another new way to do it well.
When you make mistakes, it shows you have an unbending desperation for success and excellence, which demands just two things from you:

-Taking one more step, and
-Using a new strategy
Failure on the other hand is repeating the same mistake with the same strategy and expecting a new result.

What gives us happiness and fulfilment after the completion of a task, is not the success of that task itself. We thank God for the success of every endeavor, that is true. But we are happy and we feel fulfilled whenever we make mistakes; mistakes which eventually leads to great success. This is the brain reward mechanism; a way the brain appreciates itself over accumulated efforts, in the form of mistakes, which are requisites for success.

When you make mistakes, don’t say to yourself; I am not just good. I am a dullard. I don’t have any skill. I am not better. I am less than my colleagues. Rather, remind yourself of who you truly are and what you carry inside of you; I am God’s own image. The Spirit of wisdom is upon me. I can do all things. I am better than the rest. I know who I am.

Stay hopeful for the greater days ahead of you. Be Positive. Have faith. You are closer to your breakthrough than you least expect. The test of your faith and the extent of your trust on God shouldn’t be your end. God loves all His Children and He desires to trust all too. Trust in itself, says; “give me some time.”

I used to think I make mistakes often, not until I realize that my mistakes were even part of God’s plans. You may not realize it now, but believe this, they are working for your betterment. Everything (including your past faults, your errors, your mistakes) are all working for your own good. Greater days lie ahead.



One thought on “MY MISTAKES…

  1. The article “MY MISTAKES… ” is not meant for us to defend our shortcomings. Rather, it is to help us recognize that we can be better, despite our past odds and mistakes. Our mistakes either consciously or unconsciously, are part of the set up for those that are His.

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