Oh! Our dear Hope
What has happened to your robe
You now appear dirty in your beautiful robe
We can still clean you up though, With a soap

Please come back home
Things had gone bad; yes we know
You might have failed in your role
Still, your father needs you back home

We can fix the broken pieces together in roll
Hope, will you please come back home?
Outside there is not safe for you, my dear Hope
I can hear the dogs and the wolves howl

The next generation is in your hands and on your desk
For we have done our best
And we will leave very soon, to a new nest
It is up to you to do the rest

Choose today, your choicest
Either to remain in the palace or to go into the dark; in vivacious quest
Decide now either to stand by the side of integrity and find a rest
Or to continue in perversion; in response to your libidinal request
Choose now for it is getting dark and latest;
I, your father will soon go home to the upper chamber to rest

Copyright © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE


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