There is a tragedy in the world today. A tragedy which has rendered the old ones among us useless, the youth among us frustrated and now, it is eating deep into the future of our generation. This deadly and sadden situation is the tragedy of Comfort being preferred above passion.

Passion is a drive imputed into every one of us to help us live our life in peace, satisfaction and fulfillment. The passion in us is to make us see how life feels good when we do what we love
doing with our time, mind, energy and resources.

More so, the key that opens the door to fulfillment and impact is the master key called passion. Many who has the latter, only wished for the former, but they love to stay in the “comfort zone”, rather than paying the price for what they wished for. For our passion to produce result, it is always accompanied by a price to pay.
Here is a list that tells us we might be in tragedy of the comfort zone rather than paying the price for passion;
1. When your past achievement appears more
glorious to you than the present.
2. When you no longer ask questions: result-
oriented questions.
3. When you start seeing yourself as though you
have arrived at your final destination at every slight accomplishment.
4. When what fires up the passion in you seems
to have died out; things which use to motivate you no longer has meaning to you.
5. When you keep believing that God will DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU, without you doing anything.
6. When your attention is shifted from people oriented goals and generational impact, to Self materialization and self-gratification.
7. When people who surrounds you are people who encourages your relaxed and complacent state.

Friends, make up your mind today to live your life with passion, with enthusiasm, believing that you are not to add up to the world number but to multiply yourself in everyone through impact, motivated by passion.

Copyright © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE

“One of life’s great tragedies is never limited to our experience. Population is composed of individuals who have negotiated an agreement with mediocrity, signed a contract with average and pledged allegiance to the ordinary”- Myles

We are in a generation dominated by people who are comfortable living an average life. The
believe of; ‘I have done my best to get to where I am is the order of the day’. No one thinks of the better they could have done compared to the good they had done.
We aspire to get to do things without a sense of the extraordinary. The extraordinary things we desire requires adding extra effort to the ordinary things we have been doing. Are you comfortable with your life? Are you comfortable with your job Is there a passion in you? Are there potentials in you that are untapped?

The account of Enoch from the scriptures comes to mind as I imagined the mentality he had. Before his opportunity to live, there had been different personalities like his ancestors who lived hundreds of years only to fulfill a goal of multiplying by child birth (Gen. 5 14-24).
Enoch came with an extra goal of walking with God; he decided not to be ordinary. He was not comfortable with the status quo; his passion drove him to seek God. He wanted to live rather than existing.

Many are also fulfilling same goal with Enoch ancestors. They think the best they could offer nature is to get married and give birth to
children. I had a discussion with a female Corp member of recent. I asked her a question; what are your goals and plans after NYSC, She
responded by saying ‘I want to get married and settle down’. I was dazed and asked her; ‘is that
all’, she said ‘yes’.
If the only thing that comes to your mind is to be comfortable without challenging the status quo then you are not fit to live. Nehemiah wasn’t satisfied with the state of the broken walls of Jerusalem. Daniel couldn’t afford to exchange his desires of making an impact in Babylon for the pleasures of the king’s meal. David wasn’t comfortable remaining on the field with the sheep when an uncircumcised philistine arose against the people of God. Are you satisfied with the status quo around you?

Tragedy 1; Negotiated Agreement With Mediocrity.
Mediocrity is a state of living below the capacity of your true potential. Many have negotiated an agreement with mediocrity. They
can’t just do beyond what they have been doing. They wake up in the morning with little or no thought of what they could have achieved and fail to achieve. They complain and give excuses for the reason why they can’t and fail to
succeed on what they do.
Why live below the standard/ my heart bleeds when I see young people give in to mediocrity just because they don’t know who they are and fail to harness their potentials. God has given every man gifts, talents and potentials but gave everyone the responsibility of exploring it.
It is tragic that many die with their potentials untapped. You need to disagree with mediocrity.
Don’t give reasons why you can’t, give reasons why you can. There are no limitations to fulfilling your dreams except the one you create
for yourself. The world is full of dreamers and mediocre who can’t see behold the ordinary.

Tragedy 2; Signed Contract With Average.
Average is a level of belonging for commoners. By observation, I have discovered from academic result statistics that the number of students with average scores and percentages are always more than that of those who has distinctions and those who failed. Many are the number of average people but few are the successful.
You can’t be an average personality and be the best in what you do. Note, being average is
cheap but being the best carries a cost. Don’t be comfortable being an average buddy; allow your passion drive you in maximizing your potential. Don’t settle for less when the power of being the best is at your disposal.
Engage more of your time, strength, dexterity and expertise to your average efforts and don’t be satisfied until you see yourself attaining your best. Make an affidavit in your mind today for new contract with the best you can be.
Tragedy 3; Pledged Allegiance To The Ordinary.
Ordinary things don’t change the world because the world is dominated with ordinary people.
Ordinary is a product of your conscious acceptance and decision. You need to stretch and pace yourself in this new season as you continue on your quest of impacting the world.
You need an extra effort in making impact. What skill do you think you need to make your job
transcend from ordinary to extraordinary? what approach do you need achieve your goals? what branding does your product need to attract
people for purchase? all these require extra effort.
Say no to comfort and embrace your passion.

Olawade David.
For the love of Revival, Spiritual Re-awakening
and Global Revolution.
Masterpiece Publishing House.


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