Dave and Smith are two friends with widely spaced behavioural differences. Dave appears to be the responsible and God fearing guy. His Godly behavior is in contrast to Smith rugged life style.

Smith is a womanizer and an alcoholic. But Smith has a strength in disguise. He has a weak emotion and he is easily moved by the oppression and suffering of the needy. Smith has a kind heart.

Two weeks after resumption into the University, Smith decides to pay a visit to Dave in his hostel but he was shocked at what he saw. Smith caught his friend in a sex romp and was so shocked that he struggles to mutter these words to his friend. Smith said;
“Dave! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I had always wanted to live my life with so much organization, direction, peace and Godliness, as yours. But I couldn’t help myself because I had become so addicted. I had been hoping that one day, as our friendship progresses, heaven will smile at me and things will become better for me. But why? ”

Dave responded without any feeling of remorse, as he said:
“I had always longed to live my life like this. Enjoying the sweetest of the sweetest; sex. I was only held bound by the shackles of religion which my Pastor father had kept me. But now am free, free like a bird. ”

Friends, Dave and Smith scenario might be quite different from yours. However, the message remains the same. We are all life teachers, who teaches unconsciously by the way we live our life. No man is entirely bad. Every “bad” man you see has an iota of goodness in him. Many of them are dissatisfy with their life style and longs for something better. Therefore, Let your life preach the better life that everyone tagged “bad”, desires. Live your life continously with the hope of a better tomorrow, never allow negativity. Have faith. Live your life as though other people’s life are anchor on yours, you can’t afford to ruin their life by your negligence.
Copyright © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE


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