Reading through the story of St. Valentine, I realize Valentine didn’t die for the wrong course. He died for what HE BELIEVED TO BE TRUE AND RIGHT. And what was that?
Valentine believed young lovers should be allowed to be joined together in Holy matrimony without the sentimental attitude or selfish interest of any higher authority to discourage early marriages. St. Valentine demonstrated the POWER IN LOVE, FOR WHAT IT CAN GIVE UP AT ANY COST compared to what it can receive. He made young folks realize that LOVE IS A SELFLESS SACRIFICE; sacrificing your comfort, your luxury, your time, your resources and even your life, whenever the need be, just for the sake of LOVE.


The message of ST. Valentine is so simple and well understood. It is a message of LOVE to young folks, nothingless.
The strong cord of love is not made tighter by the interwoven thread of casual sex. Never! sex couldn’t have been the ingredient that spice up love. If sex is love, then why shouldn’t I sleep with my mum, my two beautiful sisters and my very own ‘padi of life’, because I love these wonderful people dearly, they mean a lot to me.
Do I have to have sex with my loved ones to show how much I love them? Absolutely No! That will DEFINITELY be insane. This is what happens when you reduce love to sex; insanity.

Many had relegated the power of LOVE to be built around their genitals. How can you reduce such an embodiment of Divine Strength to your below the belt faculty. LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH. WHAT THEN IS SEX, COMPARED TO DEATH.
Young men and women, it might shock some of us to hear that sex itself is not a demonstration of love, even in marriage. Have you not heard of men who rape there own wives, men who uses their own wife as consolidation in business for their associates and a lot more. Love is greater than sex.

Sex is best enjoyed without any fear or guilt, so pleasurable and satisfying without any trouble and so much desired as often as you intend, ONLY IN MARRIAGE with the right spouse, not anywhere else, but IN HOLY MATRIMONY with your forever-life partner. Get it right and get it now.

Copyright © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE

Feel free to rebroadcast this message without any alteration of its content. Your comments and contributions are much appreciated. You can also share some experiences too. Thanks!


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