The similarity between two talented musicians is not in the song they sing similarly. Rather, it is in the understanding that though they might both be talented in music but they aren’t meant to perform on the same platform to the same audience.

Every talent or gift has its own unique platform; a place where they can only be appreciated and celebrated. No matter how identical our gifts/talent might look, they aren’t meant for the same platform and the same audience .

Whenever you stand on your own platform to perform, you naturally attract your own audience, and this invariably gives you your anticipated result.
People tend to struggle when they try to be like others. You are unique as you are. You stand out gloriously whenever you stand to be your very best self. Do not just be yourself to your audience, BE YOUR VERY BEST SELF.

Never think someone is already doing fine in what you are supposed to do and then feel relaxed and complacent. Or maybe someone is doing better than you. This is a wrong mindset. NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO TAKE OVER YOUR SHOW UNLESS YOU ALLOW THEM . How? When you give up on yourself and conclude you can’t do anymore better than you are doing now.
There is more to your gift/talent. There is more to what you are capable of doing with the talent you possess, explore it. Take charge of your show. Be skillful in the use of your gift. Your gift, your talent or your divine ability will make a way for you.

Copyright © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE


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