Aspirations are often desires which are far from us. We are to reach out for them. They are always far from our stand point and bigger than our present status. IF IT IS NOT BIGGER THAN YOU, THEN IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR ASPIRATION. Never stop aspiring. Keep dreaming. Do not stop thinking big. As long as you can conceive it, you can achieve it.


Trying to break-even in life is the “Do it little ” syndrome, which had killed many great dreams. Dreams which are meant to be a world class reality are shattered by this syndrome. The “Do it little” mentality says;”For myself, my family and my clan alone.” It is also the mediocrity thinking of a subsistence farmer, who plants crops just for himself and his family only.

Never let yourself to be infected by this syndrome. You aren’t living just for yourself alone. You are created for impact; world kind of impact and not a mediocre. YOUR TALENT HAS A WORLD RECOGNITION FACTOR EMBEDDED IN IT. Then, why limiting yourself.

We are God’s most unique creature. Created in His own image and likeness. A major part of our make up is the SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE, which we inherited from God our father and creator.
Excellence is who we are. Your real “you” is the excellent “you”. Anything less than that is an aberration. The excellent” “You” is the one who sees big accomplishment in every small venture. The one who sees no impossibility to what he can achieve. The one who is able to envision a beautiful ending from every small and cloudy beginning. That is who you are.
Therefore, live your life to the fullness. Do not the live like the mediocre, who is always contempted with just little accomplishment. There is more you can do with your life.

You are Next to be Announced…
Friends, it will be needful to say; “never despite days of small beginning”. They are actually evidence that you are well rooted, very grounded and well equipped to handle what is to come. Every great and true achiever you see today, started small yesterday. It is not unwise to start small, but it becomes foolishness to remain small. Every small beginner is a work in progress, an hidden treasure about to be unveil.
Never give up on your dream. You are next to be announced to the world.

Copyright © 2016 ABAIRE OLAWALE


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