A pause is not a stop. A pause is a short break for a breakthrough which is to come. Everyone of us needs a break at one point or the other in the journey of our life.
You recapture your initial vision and its passion, each time you pause, a little.

Retreat but, do not Retire…
A pause is an appropriate time to stay out of work times business purposely; with the aim of acquiring new skills, getting new ideas, new innovation and new strength. Each time you take a break out of your “usual activities”, you come out refreshed, dynamic and energetic. The journey of life becomes more directional, more specific and less struggle.

When you pause, you retreat. Many at times, people tend to interpret the word “retreat” to mean entering into your Comfort zone. No! To retreat is a time to reconnect to the power source. A time to go back to your “thinking chair” in order to strategize on laid down plans, perfectly. “Retreat” is a military term common among soldiers during battles. It is a time for them to map out new plans, a time to regroup and a time to prepare for victory ahead of them.

Understanding Times and Season…
Moreover, Life is a journey. Each time you take a short break for a breakthrough in the journey of life, an understanding of where you are coming from, where you had gotten to, and where you are still going dawns on you. A pause is just a perfect time to understand what is happening within and outside our life. A Moving train will soon meet its dead end if it does not pause at its appropriate station. This is why we all need a short break in the journey of life.

I read about a baby locust(hopper) recently. These young bugs can’t quite fly. But, they can jump up to 200 times their height. The hopper learns to fly by riding the wind. When the wind blows, the hopper catch the wind and fly in the direction of the wind. Timing is crucial for the hopper to fly.
In the same manner, whenever we pause, we take a break to understand the times and seasons we are in, and we take actions accordingly. We outrun with ease those who had gone ahead of us during our breaktime. This is what men calls GRACE. Take time out to understand your times and seasons. You need a break, kindly pause a little.



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