I was walking through the dusty path of my street one Sunday afternoon when I noticed this tall and fruitful palm tree. The whole body of the tree was marked with scars, indicating the positions of its leaves which had fallen or chopped off.

SCARS- Signs of Committed Addiction to Real Success
The above illustration is a perfect picture of what some of us are passing through right now. Scars all over our body. Scars of life challenges, Scars of unpleasant circumstances, self sacrifices without positive results, stress, just to mention a few. Some might have even said; “But why me? Do I really have to go through all these?”.
The truth is, life challenges are actually a requisite to greatness. They are important curriculum in the school of Greatness, where you and I had enrol as students. Life challenges, trial times, hard times, are required to bring the best out of us and kill the mediocrity in us.

Les Brown, a renowned Motivational speaker once said; DO WHAT IS HARD AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE SIMPLE. DO WHAT IS SIMPLE AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE HARD “. There is always a price to for extraordinary accomplishment. There is always a process to greatness. There is always a training before every promotion, and the intense the training the greater the end result.

Keep Hope Alive…
The training might actually seem painful now, just keep your head up. Let the hope of the end result be your focus.
Life challenges are not meant to tear you apart. Of course, they can’t. They are there to mold you into who you are meant to be; A Victor not a Victim. A woman full of strength and virtues.
You are being changed from the inside out, each time you stand up against life challenges for the hope of a greater tomorrow.

Do not forget, the battle gets more fierce when you are closer to victory. It is at this time you need to muster more strength. Let hope come alive within you. Speak words of hope to yourself. Words are really powerful. They have creative powers. Speak what you want, until you see what you have spoken. I speak these words of hope to myself often. You can also do the same. Now, say to yourself:

“I may not be where I should be now, But am not where I used to be. God is working every circumstances for my good. I may not know how or the way He will do it, but I trust which ever way He does it.”
Keep saying these words.

Trial Times are Training Times, not Forever…

Life challenges are more, particularly in the area you are meant to impact lives. Nature had designed it in such a way that when you make an head way through these challenges, you would have a success story to tell to those going through similar life challenges and by this, you would inspire and motivate them to press on. In what area of your life are you more challenged?

It is too late for you to give up on yourself now.You had always have God’s backing, keep pressing on. Even in that storm, God is with you.
Have this mindset, that in every circumstances or challenges you find yourself; Learn from it, grow out of it, be transformed into your best self through it. It won’t be long, you are coming out of it victoriously.

Let Hope Feed Your Faith and Lift Your Spirit

Do not forget, the scars on the palm tree were needed for the tree to grow into maturity and become fruitful. In the same vein, you don’t assume greatness. You grow into it. The process of growth in living cells requires both anabolism and catabolism of macromolecules; that is continuous breaking down(catabolism) and building up(anabolism). Your challenges are actually breaking you up, to set you up and build you up in conformity to God’s original design of you, which is the GREAT YOU. YOUR SET BACK IS A SET UP FOR YOUR BACK. Keep Hope Alive. It is always the darkest before the dawn.



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