“There is nothing that excites and motivates people like vision to accomplish something special”- Bill Newman

What makes you want to get out of the bed in the morning? Many will say, the desire to want to earn a Living or to make money. Others might say the enthusiasm to master the day’s challenge. Maybe yours could be the desire to be affliated with new people. I have come to the realization that different things motivates people differently, among which includes money, sex, other people, love and so on.

Motivation is supposed to be a drive that comes from the inside, while it’s evidence is seen on the outside. It is an internal drive that keeps propeling you until you have actualize that which you picture to accomplish.

Nothing motivates a man better than the passion he has for a particular course in life. I will like to bring our attention to something significant about passion.
Passion is one of the ways to discover purpose. Whatever one has passion to do, such a person does it with much vigour, fervour and excitment. He finds pleasure and satisfaction doing what he loves doing, eventhough he’s not been payed or awarded for doing it. For example, I have a passion  for writing, not because I want to be paid for it nor I desire any compliment for it, I just realize that there are thousands of people out there going through  emotional trauma, depression, regret, discouragement, fear and indecision. These problem motivates me to pick up my pen and reach out to people through my passion; writing.
This now leads us to the next point on WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?

In our basic economics, we learnt about human wants and needs. Human wants are insatiable but the needs are specific. Needs usually requires urgency. What makes the world go round is our ability to compliment one another’s needs. There is a need in your community, state and the world at large which is only conspicuous to you alone. You alone see this specific human need. The drive to meet the world’s need propels you start within your immediate environment, then to the world at large.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth saw the greatest need of man. He knew it wasn’t food, clothes or shelter; these are human wants. Jesus Christ did what He had to do because of the greatest need He saw in the World. He laid down His own life.

Come to think of Mahatma Gandhi, the short india man who saw the need for the freedom of the people of india from the british colonial rule and took a Peaceful protest for the equality of human race. Nelson Mandela, mother Theresa, Benjamin Franklin, Myles Munroe, just to mention a few. The aforementioned people saw a vacuum of human needs and they filled it individually. This I have to say about them; They were all willing to live serving humanity and also very resolute to die meeting human needs.

There is a need which presents itself as a problem in your community. It gives you sleepless night, it makes you fight yourself on the inside. This need motivates you. Do something about it.

Whatever motivates you comes as a result of values you have built around yourself,either positive or negative values. Don’t be too surprise to hear people being motivated by sex, desire to kill or money, it is as a result of values they have built over time which has been internalize into there believe system.
Values are standard that determines our conduct. If an individual has strong and positive values, he doesn’t need a lot of eternal motivations. All what values does is to channel his course towards what He ought to be doing with his life.
Things You value motivates you. Build a positive value. Build a strong value. Be motivated by your values.

“Some say  motivation does not last. Well, same goes with bathing. That is why it is recommended everyday”-Zig Ziglar


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