Many had hoped for a better tomorrow. Alas! they never saw the tomorrow they hoped for. Though still living but dead. They had become insignificant even in their own world. What a tragedy! What would you be saying, when the tomorrow you hoped for becomes an history, Or When there are no more goals to purse,  owing to the fact that you are already stricken in age.Will you be languishing in regret with words like; “I wish I had done this or that…” or  will you be saying; “Thank God I did what I ought to do each day of my life “.

I could recall a blockbuster movie by the then James Bond, titled; TOMORROW NEVER DIES”. Yes! their will always be a tomorrow. However, every tomorrow will just be like any other day of fultility, Unless you choose to have the better tomorrow you want for yourself, and that can only be gotten by the preparation you made today.

Then the Lord answered me and said:
“Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.” (Habbakuk 2:2 NKJV)

Today is the tomorrow of your yesterday. Yesterday is gone and beyond your reach. Today is in your hands to control. But tomorrow, you never know. Therefore, use today which is in your control to produce the tomorrow you will see and be happy about.

Good planning is good when you do it today; “write the vision…” when? Today. Moreso, taking bold steps on plans made today is good for tomorrow; “that he may run that readeth it”.
Do not only make plans for tomorrow, today. Also, do yourself good by taking actions on your plans for the tomorrow you hoped for.

Why wait and waste, do something. Waiting can be so disastrous as even time itself waits for no man. In decision making, the best decisions you can ever make are the right ones. The second best decisions are the wrong ones. The least of all and the most dangerous is not making decisions at all, just sitting, waiting and wasting.
Do not be afraid to take bold steps as regards issues that concern your life and destiny. Mere sitting and waiting will not bring that tomorrow you hoped for closer to you. The best waiting can do for you is to make you day-dream and give you false hope of an unrealistic tomorrow.

Friends, its high time we break ourselves loose from the laxity and procrastination that is creeping into our life in the name of “God’s time is the best, let’s wait”. Every day and every time is God’s, but the day you take a step for a change is your own day and that day, your change has just began. It takes faith to step out.
You have waited too long, now is the time to make the change for a better tomorrow. Go for that professional course. Be certified in that field you choose. That heaven on earth home can actually be yours only if you decides not to wait and waste but rather take a step of faith. Desperate people do desperate things. They are stubborn with there vision. They have a vivid picture of a better tomorrow and they settle not less of the picture they saw. The tomorrow you want for yourself will not come to you Unless you get up and walk into it yourself.
Be Inspired…

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