What actually is wrong about our feelings? Or is our faith not the biblical kind of faith? These were the questions that surge out of the well of my heart.
I decided to engage these two parties in a self- talk; faith and feelings. The whole talk took place at my desk. You can guess what they were both saying.
FAITH: I can do all things
FEELINGS: I need to feel it to know if I can do anything at all
FAITH: I am what I am by the grace of God
FEELINGS: I am what I am, if not for this or that…
FAITH: I have been tested and I can be trusted
FEELINGS: I am unreliable and I cannot be trusted
FAITH: I am very constant; always loyal; never changing
FEELINGS: I am a variable; I change with time & conditions. Sometimes, I can be happy as if I will never be sad. At other times, I may be sad as if I will never be happy.
FAITH: I say exactly the same thing the word of God says
FEELINGS: I say anything base on my present state and what is happening to me presently
FAITH: I am weak, but I know I am strong, Glory be to God!
FEELINGS: I am weak, it is obvious now. Why should I glorify God?

Feelings are not utterly bad. As a matter of fact, God created humans with emotions. He never made mistakes by putting in us feelings, as part of our make-up. Now, consider this scripture, “…the just shall live by faith…”Heb 10:38(NKJV). As followers of Christ, we are certainly to live the life of faith. Jesus did. The apostles also lived by faith. However, this doesn’t make our feelings irrelevant, as the aforementioned personalities also felt deep grieve, distress, agony and pain, at one time of their life.
But take this into consideration; as much as feelings are part of human make-up, the correct handling of our feelings is of great importance to our life. Your feelings always wants to take the lead, to dictate to you want to do per time, it is therefore in your hands to allow it rule you or not. When you become emotional, you just need to be honest, real and sincere about the way you feel. You can show this in a simple prayer like this:
“Lord, I feel… but, Lord your word says…”
God is concerned about what we go through, but He is more concerned about how we respond to what we go through. It is your response to the way you feel that matters. It is either you let your feelings take hold of you, and throw you into self-pity, regret, pain, lust and ultimately sin or you choose to believe God’s word and confess it over your feelings.

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